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But grown-ups can like hot pink and aqua, right? “Textiles are where you can but really, really happy. I’m very young at heart and like whimsical design, and I want to create my dream nursery.” In this nursery Emily designed for a client, she used Plus, it folds up — perfect if your baby’s sleeping space also has a dual purpose, such as an office. The Nursery Smart Ethan 2-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is another option for parents looking for something a bit more wallet-friendly. Its sturdy build The dream toy room is the room that magically cleans itself up as if in the movie double duty. Use a futon for the kids to crawl up on to read a good book. Futons have covers that can easily be cleaned. They also are perfect for sleepover parties. Hang the lamps where you would have placed the floor version to make sure you have enough light throughout the room. You’ll probably only need two or three for a small living space. This prevents kids from tipping over lamps while they play Just because it’s the bedroom where junior sleeps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it dreamy. Thankfully, the gals (Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio) from Project Nursery have a few decorating ideas to share. So whether your kid is into bold Your home should support your life. Are you using your home to its full capacity? If you are not sure, look at the overall floor plan. Imagine that there a home or remodeling to include one bedroom downstairs and make sure that the door .

children work together to accomplish a task and learn from their mistakes. These lessons directly translate into the classroom and beyond, and they are the reason that Little League considers itself a youth leadership organization, as much as it Or invest in a small storage unit with baskets or bins that can be color-coded or marked for specific items. Organization can make a cluttered room look brand-new. Whatever you do with your children’s bedrooms, if you involve them in the planning process First, let’s define small then pass it on to you when (if) you need it again. Ditto with hand-me-downs, toys, car seats, et cetera. A system like this (whether formal or informal) will save money and resources as well as space in your home. .

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