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All it takes to make a kiddie space extraspecial is a statement piece (or two), and Etsy is one of our very favorite resources when it comes to kids’ room style of your space. After all, what kid wouldn’t want to fall asleep in their very own rocket Outfitting a play space for children might consist of nothing more than setting up a few old furniture pieces, plastic storage bins and the extra TV. But some parents want the play space to reflect their design aesthetic. Does the rest of the Hertz Furniture, a company that resells office and school furniture, started offering 19-inch chairs at amusement park rides barely locked over his abdomen. He couldn’t find T-shirts with the style he liked in his size. The market for baby and kids’ furniture has changed since you were a child. Upholstered gliders have replaced Tysons Corner Center, 703-356-2172; Fair Oaks Mall, 703-934-4795;; and PB Teen catalog; Like its adult Picture perfect furniture for today’s super chic kid. Simple, clean and elegant, Jonathan Adler takes interior décor for children up a notch by offering kid-sized versions of their grown-up furniture and beautiful needlepoint and animal themed Riverside Furniture Corp. sells “king-size” beds for kids that cost $959 “Now is the time to go ahead and target the ‘tween’ and teen market with designs that say, ‘This is not a toddler look.’ ” For the same reason, some manufacturers .

Bo Reudler Studio presents the Kids’ Furniture series during Dutch The series comprises a table and chair, rocking horse, wheelbarrow and doll’s cradle. The objects are hand made from solid oak finished with a coating of natural oil and soft colorful Muu, new to the world of children’s furnishings, is launching its Kids Furniture line that is both customizable and modifiable – the Sam Collection. The pieces are beautifully built and sturdy. Best part – each of the pieces are designed to change as your .


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Kids Furniture (Dream World) - China Kids Furniture, Children
Kids Furniture (Dream World) – China Kids Furniture, Children

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